FSD2916 Well-Being of Children in Southern Savonia 2011

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  • Penttinen, Pekka (Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences. Department of Culture, Youth and Social Work)


dietary habits, family environment, friends, leisure time activities, loneliness, parent participation, personal safety, quality of life, school bullying, schoolchildren, schools, well-being (health), youth

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The survey charted the well-being of children and young people aged 7 - 13 in the region of Southern Savonia in Finland. Main themes included family and home, eating habits, school, bullying and leisure time activities. The survey is part of the project 'Mulla on asiaa' [I have things to say] conducted by the Youth Research and Development Centre Juvenia in the Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences.

The questionnaire charted household composition, parental attention, sleeping and eating habits, feelings of safety, friends, school facilities, safety at school, opportunities to be heard, experiences of being bullied or bullying others, leisure time activities including physical activities, computer games, reading, spending time with friends, and other hobbies. Feelings of loneliness, satisfaction with life, and issues that might be of concern to the respondent were also investigated.

Background variables included the respondent's age and gender.

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