FSD2947 Finnish Student Barometer 2012

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  • Saari, Juhani (Student Research Foundation (Otus))
  • Kettunen, Heidi (Student Research Foundation (Otus))


employment, health, higher education institutions, housing, standard of living, students (college), tertiary education, values, well-being (society)

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The study charted the studies, satisfaction, motivation, well-being, values, and circumstances of students in higher education institutions in Finland.

The respondents were first asked general questions about their studies, such as when they expected to graduate and which reasons had potentially slowed studies down. Relating to study progress and skills, questions were asked about study motivation, difficulties with studies, and support received. Values and attitudes were surveyed with questions about, for instance, economic growth, income equality, Finland's EU membership, election activity, and trust in people.

Health and social well-being of the respondents was examined. Questions presented charted, among others, relationships to other people and loneliness, experiences of bullying or discrimination, participation in the activities of student organisations, exercise habits, health problems affecting studies, stress, and alcohol consumption. Concerning financial circumstances and housing situation, the respondents were asked about their form of accommodation, monthly income and expenses, satisfaction with living conditions, and plans to withdraw financial aid.

Finally, relating to employment, the respondents were asked how much they worked per week during studies and in summer, which field their worked in, whether experience gained from the work would be beneficial for future employment, whether working during studies affected their study progress, whether their job was commensurate to their education etc. Future expectations relating to work after graduation were surveyed.

Background variables included, among others, the respondent's year of birth, gender, and household composition as well as year when started studies, study breaks and reasons for them, and mother's and father's education.

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