FSD2984 Internet Use of Finns 2010

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  • Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)
  • 15/30 Research


computer applications, digital culture, electronic equipment, information society, internet, internet use, mass media, media literacy, online services, radio (joukkoviestimet), social media

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The study charted Finnish Internet use, online behaviour, and use of consumer electronics and mobile devices. The study was produced in collaboration by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) and 15/30 Research. The data are freely available on the Internet and licensed under Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). The data creators have expressed their wish that any publications based on the data are linked to Finnish Broadcasting Company's 'Kehitys kehittyy' blog (http://blogit.yle.fi/kehitys-kehittyy/suomalaiset-verkossa-tutkimuksen-vastaukset-avoimena-datana) and that data users cite the original study.

The respondents were first asked how important various media were for them personally (e.g. news websites, social media, television services, peer-to-peer networks, books) and to what extent they agreed with a number of statements relating to news and media (e.g. "I'm worried about excessive media commercialisation").

Importance of various reasons and motivations for using the Internet were charted (e.g. "I search for the latest information on something", "I reminisce old times"). The respondents were asked how often they did different things on the Internet (e.g. write on forums, download music and series etc., use instant messaging services, use social media).

Background variables included the respondent's gender and age.

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