FSD3056 New Students in Universities 2013: First Impressions

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alcohol use, educational guidance, experience, higher education institutions, living conditions, residential mobility, student organizations, students, substance use, tutoring

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The survey charted the first impressions that new university and polytechnic students had about beginning their studies. The survey examined the respondents' views on issues relating to starting their studies, such as moving from their childhood home, tutoring, student events, and alcohol use. All students who began their studies in higher education institutions in Finland in the fall of 2013 were eligible for the survey.

The first part of the survey charted moving and living conditions of the respondents by asking if they had moved out of their hometown because of their studies. Views on moving to a new place and and adjusting to a new educational institution were charted. The respondents were also asked about the usefulness of tutoring. Opinions on student organisations were charted. Views on alcohol use in student events and student life in general were also investigated. Lastly, the respodents were asked if they were familiar with Nyytti Ry (a non-profit organisation supporting students' mental health and life management).

The background variables were the respondent's gender, age, and place of study.

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