FSD3058 Employment Survey of Tampere University Postgraduates 2006-2007

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  • Ollikainen, Jyrki (University of Tampere. Faculty of Information Sciences)
  • Viitaniemi, Sari (University of Tampere. Career Services)


appointment to job, career development, educational certificates, employment opportunities, higher education institutions, labour and employment, labour force, post-graduates, tertiary education (second stage)

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Employment Survey of Tampere University Postgraduates 2006-2007, collected in 2009, charted the employment situation of University of Tampere postgraduates who had received their degree in 2006-2007. The respondents were asked about their motivation for the postgraduate studies, the financing of their studies, employment after graduation, current employment, views on the education they received, and how postgraduate education should be developed at the University of Tampere.

The respondents were asked to evaluate how well certain statements corresponded with their motivation for postgraduate studies. The statements included: "I believed it would be easier for me to find a job after graduating" and "I wanted to research a particular subject". Some questions investigated the financing of the respondents' postgraduate studies. Next, the respondents' employment after graduation and possible difficulties with finding a job were also studied. Possible problems included: "Lack of work experience" and "The subject of doctoral thesis".

The next part of the survey focused on the current employment status of the respondents. This included questions on the respondent's current job description and salary. The respondents were also asked whether the postgraduate degree was a requirement for their current job, how well the job corresponded with their education, and whether their doctoral thesis was related to their current job. Furthermore, the respondents were asked to evaluate their satisfaction with their current job with statements such as: "My work is interesting" and "I have too much work to do". In the last part of the survey, the respondents were asked to evaluate the guidance they had received during their postgraduate education and their satisfaction with the postgraduate education at the University of Tampere. The respondents were also asked to evaluate how they thought postgraduate education should be developed.

The background variables included the respondent's gender, field of study, income, and degree completion time (categorised).

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