FSD3127 Housing Conditions and Preferences of Higher Education Students in Tampere 2016

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  • Lehtinen, Jarmo (City of Tampere)
  • Partanen, Jussi (City of Tampere)


apartments, cost of living, home sharing, housing, housing conditions, income, living conditions, neighbourhoods, rented accommodation, rents, students (college)

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The survey charted the housing conditions of higher education students in Tampere, Finland. The survey was divided into three main themes: current housing situation, housing preferences, and housing situation during studies.

Regarding housing situation at the time of the survey, the questions surveyed type of housing the respondents lived in (housing type and housing tenure), household composition (number of roommates, children), size of housing (number of rooms and surface area), housing costs, distance to own university and city centre, travel time from home to university, and satisfaction with and opinions on housing.

Concerning housing preferences, the respondents were asked which type of housing they would have preferred to live in, whether they were looking for new accommodation and what kind, what their attitude towards student housing was, how important they thought different things when looking for accommodation, in which neighbourhoods they would have wanted to live during their studies, how much they would have been prepared to pay for housing of their preference per month, and how much they thought reasonable housing costs for a student would be per month.

Finally, with regard to housing situation during studies, the respondents were asked whether they had first moved out of their parents' house for studies, whether they had had diffculties in finding accommodation at the beginning of studies, how many different places and student apartments they had lived in during studies, how many months in total they had lived in student apartments, and, if they had moved house, reasons for moving.

Background variables included the respondent's employment situation, marital status, disposable income per month, expected year of graduation, education level, and education and occupations of parents. Furthermore, the data contain background variables based on register data. These include the respondent's higher learning institution, age, gender, nationality, municipality of domicile and place of residence, the year R began their studies, faculty, and degree.

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