FSD3135 Student Feedback Survey for Bachelor Graduates 2015

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academic ability, educational environment, higher education institutions, social life, students (college), tertiary education (first stage), undergraduates, well-being (health)

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Student Feedback Survey for Bachelor Graduates is a yearly study charting the respondents' experiences about university studies. The survey was nationwide and it was sent to every student in Finland who had graduated with a bachelor's degree or had completed three years of their studies in the fields of medicine or dentistry during that year. The questions deal with the studies as a whole and subjects such as study-life balance, well-being, teaching methods and time management.

The survey began with questions about working while studying and questions charting the financial situation of the respondents. The respondents were also asked about their hobbies and extracurricular activities. Next the respondents were asked about their satisfaction with their education. This was followed by questions about the support they received from their friends and family. After this the respondents were asked to evaluate their satisfaction with their friends, family and life in general. Further, the respondents were asked to evaluate their success during the first years of university and their likelihood of completing university studies.

In the next part, the respondents were asked to assess the guidance received from the university on topics such as planning of studies, health related problems, and motivation problems. The respondents were presented with statements about their studies dealing with group work, individual studying, internationality in their studies, and support and availability of information regarding their studies.

Finally the respondents were presented with a large question battery containing 72 statements about their studies. The battery included questions about mental and physical welfare, personal abilities, social activity, relationship with own university and university staff, goals, and motivation. The questionnaire included university-specific questions for some universities.

The background variables included the respondent's university, field of study, age, and gender. In addition, some universities had more detailed variables, charting, for example, the degree programme.

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