FSD3166 Writing Competition on the Future of Work in Finland 2016-2017

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  • Dufva, Mikko (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd)


employment, future, future society, job characteristics, labour market, labour relations, unemployment

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The data contain short texts concerning the future of work in Finland. The data were collected in connection with a writing contest whose participants were asked to think about the future of Finnish work with the help of imaginary personas. The invitation to participate included a list of personas that the participants could choose from, and they could also invent their own. The participants were asked to write a short text regarding the life of the persona in the year 2036. The listed alternatives for the personas included e.g. a freelancer in the field of culture, a downshifter, an online platform worker, a craftsperson, a civil servant promoting 'experimentation culture', a factory owner, a healthcare service professional, and a marginalised person. The data collectors wished for depictions of work tasks and practices, work communities and collaboration, competencies, and how the personas organise their livelihood.

The data were collected as part of the "Dialogue, Work and the Future" project funded by the Prime Minister's Office.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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