FSD3267 Interviews of SOS Crisis Center Clients 2017

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  • Laukkanen, Sanna (University of Tampere. Faculty of Social Sciences)


emotional disturbances, mental disorders, mental health, personal crises, psychological effects, psychological well-being, social support

Sisällön kuvaus

This dataset consists of six interviews with adults who had been clients at SOS Crisis Centre in Helsinki, Finland. The interviews discussed the coping process of the interviewees in a difficult life situation and the role of SOS Crisis Centre in coping. The clientship ended 4-6 months prior to the interview. Most often the reason for the clientship was divorce or the end of a relationship, and life had been stressful in many ways for an extended period. One interviewee was male and five were female, and ages varied between 32 - 50.

The interviewees discussed the reasons for going to the crisis centre, what their life situation was like at the moment and what type of help they received from the centre. They also discussed the meetings with SOS Crisis Centre employees and how they have been able to move on in a difficult life situation.

Background information includes date, age, gender and interview location.

The dataset is only available in Finnish. The data were formed into an easy to use HTML index at FSD.

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