FSD3362 Facilitating Digital Humanities Research 2017

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  • Oiva, Mila (Aalto University)


development, research, research centres, research workers

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The study charted the facilitation of research in digital humanities centres in Finland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The aim of the study was to find the best practices for facilitating digital humanities research and to share the practices with other organizations that conduct similar research. The study includes eight expert interviews: six in English and two in Finnish. The data were collected as part of the project "From Roadmap to Roadshow: A collective demonstration and information project to strengthen Finnish digital history", funded by Kone Foundation.

The participants were asked questions about the digital humanities centres they worked at, relating to general aspects (e.g. goals and funding) of their centre, the staff and other people involved, collaboration and communication, infrastructure, and physical environment. Additionally, the questions aimed to gather ideas on how to make digital research methods more widely known, how to involve more people in the facilitation of digital research and how to develop multidisciplinary research. The participants also discussed the obstacles they had encountered in facilitating digital research.

The data display the real names of the interviewed experts. The names and locations of their organizations as well as the time and location of the interview are also included in the background variables. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML index at FSD.

The dataset is only available in the original languages (Finnish and English).

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