FSD3387 Depression and Suicidal Thoughts 2019

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  • MIELI Mental Health Finland
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anxiety, behavioural disorders, depression, mental disorders, mental health, psychological well-being, suicide

Sisällön kuvaus

The survey charted Finnish experiences of depression and self-harm. The study was commissioned by PR Agency Manifesto for the 'mitäkuuluu' ('how are you') campaign. The campaign was organised by Manifesto in collaboration with creative agency Bob the Robot for MIELI Mental Health Finland to support the prevention of suicide. The survey was conducted by IROResearch, using the 'Tuhat suomalaista' ('one thousand Finns') consumer panel.

In the survey, the respondents were asked whether they currently felt depressed and whether they had ever considered suicide. They were also asked whether they knew someone who had committed or tried to commit suicide. Additionally, the survey examined whether the respondents had sought and received help regarding their suicidal thoughts, as well as what kind of help they would like to receive.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group, level of education, occupation group, household composition, type of municipality of residence, and NUTS3 region of residence.

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