FSD3402 Ninth-Graders' Connection with Nature 2019

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  • Kulha, Saija (Tampere University. Faculty of Education and Culture)
  • Huttunen, Sari (Tampere University. Faculty of Education and Culture)


adolescents, conservation of nature, happiness, natural environment, satisfaction, wildlife, youth

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This survey charted Finnish ninth-graders' connectedness to nature. The data for this dataset were collected as part of research that charts ninth-graders' connection with nature through a questionnaire (the Nature Relatedness Scale) and writings on happiness. The responses in this quantitative dataset can be connected to the qualitative dataset FSD3403 Ninth-Graders' Views on Happiness 2019, which is also archived at FSD. The responses can be connected to the texts in the qualitative dataset with a unique personal code number that was given to each respondent. The qualitative dataset containing the written texts is only available in Finnish.

The ninth-graders' connection to nature was measured with the Finnish translation of the 21-item Nature Relatedness Scale. A Nature Relatedness Score, indicative of the strength of the respondent's connection to nature, can be calculated based on the responses to the scale. The dataset includes the respondents' Nature Relatedness Scores, calculated by the researcher, as well as both the original and reversed numerical scoring scale for the reverse scored items (2, 3, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 18) in different variables (e.g. original numerical scoring scale in variable q2: 1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree, reversed numerical scoring scale in variable k_q2: 1 = strongly agree and 5 = strongly disagree).

The survey examined the ninth-graders' personal relationship with nature with questions on, for example, whether they enjoyed being outdoors even in unpleasant weather, thought that their connection to nature and the environment was part of their spirituality, and thought their relationship with nature was an important part of who they were. Environmental concern was surveyed with questions relating to, for example, whether the respondents thought that humans have the right to use natural resources in any way they want, always thought about how their actions affect the environment, and thought that conservation is unnecessary because nature is strong enough to recover from any human impact. Furthermore, the respondents' affiliation with animals was charted with questions focusing on, for example, whether they thought that some species are just meant to die out or become extinct, took notice of wildlife wherever they were, and thought a lot about the suffering of animals. Additionally, the survey included a question on how satisfied the ninth-graders were in their life in general on a scale from 4 to 10 (in school grades).

The data do not contain any background variables.

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