FSD3403 Ninth-Graders' Views on Happiness 2019

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  • Kulha, Saija (Tampere University. Faculty of Education and Culture)
  • Huttunen, Sari (Tampere University. Faculty of Education and Culture)


adolescents, family life, friends, happiness, hobbies, lower secondary education, natural environment, parents, satisfaction

Sisällön kuvaus

This dataset consists of 28 texts written by ninth-graders on what affects their happiness. The data were collected as part of research that charts ninth-graders' connection with nature through a questionnaire (the Nature Relatedness Scale) and writings on happiness. The data were originally collected as a paper questionnaire during the school day. The dataset consists of the writings as copied by the researchers and converted into digital format (text files).

The ninth-graders were asked to write a coherent account or description of the things that affected their happiness. Central themes that emerged in the pupils' writings were, among others, family, friends, nature and hobbies. Many of the ninth-graders also wrote about the effect of health, school and a safe living environment on their happiness.

The dataset does not contain any background information on the participants. The written texts in this qualitative dataset can be connected to the quantitative dataset FSD3402 Ninth-Graders' Connection with Nature 2019, which is also archived at FSD. The qualitative texts can be connected to the responses in the quantitative dataset with a unique personal code number that was given to each respondent. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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