FSD3427 Female Gamers' Experiences of Prejudice 2020

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  • Seppälä, Milla (Tampere University)


digital games, gender role, prejudice, sex discrimination

Sisällön kuvaus

This dataset consists of 14 writings by female gamers on their experiences of prejudice. The participants were women who have faced prejudice, belittlement or criticism while playing video games or otherwise related to their gaming.

In the invitation to write, the respondents were presented with some questions to help with writing. The respondents were asked about the effects their gender had had on their gaming, how people close to them felt about them playing video games, how often they experienced prejudice and who was prejudiced against them. The respondents were also offered a chance to describe what kinds of conflicts their gaming had caused in their lives. Additionally, the respondents were asked to specify the kinds of video games they played.

Background information included, for instance, the respondent's gender, age, education, employment status, marital status and time spent gaming.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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