FSD3490 Suspected Cases of Child Abuse 2017

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  • Fadjukoff, Mari (Tampere University. Faculty of Social Sciences)


assault, child protection, child safety, children, crime and security, crime victims

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The dataset consists of police reports entered in the police case management system where the victim was a child aged 4-5 years. The data were mainly formed based on information collected from the free-form texts on the reports. The archived data include information in statistical format on all reports that were entered in the system in 2017 where the name of the crime was listed as petty assault or assault. In cases where the crime was listed as both petty assault and assault, the archived data record the case as an assault. The original research was partly funded by Tampere University Hospital.

The data include information on the type of crime disclosed in the report as well as categorised information on the person who suspected a crime had taken place, the person who reported the suspected crime, and the suspect. Additionally, the data include information on the origin of the suspicion described in the report, how long a crime had been suspected, and how much of a delay there was in reporting the suspected crime. The child's gender and whether the child's parents were together were also recorded in the data.

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