FSD3576 Finnish Views on the Meaning of Food in Everyday Life 2021

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  • Miller, Ella (Tampere University. Faculty of Social Sciences)


consumer behaviour, cooking, dietary habits, food, food and nutrition, lifestyle and health, poverty, restaurants, social media, standard of living, vegetarianism

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The dataset consists of self-administered written texts on the importance of food in people's everyday life. The writing invitation was shared in food-related hobby groups on Facebook. Some of the groups focused solely on food, and in other groups food was a part of a wider theme. The data were collected for a Master's thesis, which examined people's relationship to food and the politics of food consumption.

The writing guidelines directed the participants to write about three different topics related to food. First, participants were asked to describe their own relationship to food, including whether they saw food and cooking as a hobby or as a necessary evil, and to describe their typical everyday or festive meal. The second theme focused on political or ethical factors and whether these factors had an impact on their food-related choices. Participants were also asked whether they felt that could make a difference in society through their food choices in some way. Lastly, participants were instructed to describe their dream meal and what kind of food they would prefer not to eat. They were also asked if they felt that they were able to eat as they wished, and if not, why not.

Background information included the participant's gender, age group, the highest education attained, subjective social class standing, and the Facebook group where the participant saw the invitation to participate in the study. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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