FSD3672 Child-up: Interviews with Professionals Working with Children with Immigrant Backgrounds 2020-2021



children, cultural pluralism, education, immigrants, schoolchildren, schools, social interaction, social work, social workers, teachers

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The dataset consists of interviews with professionals in the fields of education and social work on their experiences of working on the inclusion and integration of children with immigrant backgrounds. The professionals interviewed include public service interpreters, school social workers, teachers, counsellors, and other workers in the field of social work, such as individuals working in reception centres. The data includes both individual and group interviews. The data were collected as part of the Child-up research project, which aims to enhance understanding on the experiences of migrant children, young people, and their guardians regarding school, pre-school, and educational communities, as well as the experiences of the professionals working with them. The research project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation funding programme.

The content of the interview framework varied slightly between representatives of different professional groups. The interviews explored the professionals' experiences of working with children with immigrant backgrounds. First, the interviewees were asked about their job description, and the challenges they faced and the support they needed in their jobs. This was followed by an exploration of the interviewees' views on children's peer relationships, as well as their experiences of cooperation with families and other professionals. Finally, the interviewees were asked for suggestions for areas of improvement. The aim of the study was to identify good practices that support the inclusion and integration of children from immigrant backgrounds. Other key themes that emerged from the interviews included early childhood education and care, multiculturalism, agency, gender roles, language awareness, and cultural awareness.

Background variables included the interviewee's gender, occupation, and the date of the interview. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD. In addition to this qualitative dataset, FSD holdings contain quantitative datasets FSD3438-FSD3443 which are related to the same research project.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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