FSD1203 City Service Survey 1993

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  • Paasikallio, Martti (Efektia)
  • Miettinen, Heikki (Efektia)
  • Varhe, Seppo (Efektia)


health services, local government, local government services, neighbourhoods, public expenditure, public services, social services, towns

Sisällön kuvaus

City service survey 1993 canvassed citizens' views on the present state of city government and public services, and how these could be developed. Questions revolved round residential areas and living conditions, day care services, public child welfare clinics, elementary and secondary schools, health care services, care of the elderly, cultural and recreational services, local finance, influence in municipal decision-making, and flow of public information. The respondents evaluated, for example, the necessity of certain services. They were also asked to describe their everyday life and assess their willingness to migrate. Background variables included respondent's age, sex, marital status, education, number of children, professional status, location of work place, and the modes of transportation used for commuting.

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