FSD1316 Use of Online Services and Information Technology in Tampere 2003

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  • Taloustutkimus
  • City of Tampere


Internet, computers, electronic mail, information needs, information society, mobile phones, online services, public services

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Survey respondents were residents of the City of Tampere (Finland). Questions covered their access to mobile phone, PC, e-mail or Internet. Respondents with Internet access were asked about the location, frequency, duration and purpose of their Internet use. They also assessed their own information needs concerning computers and information network. Internet users' familiarity with the City of Tampere website was surveyed. Views were probed on what kind of information, entertainment, services, participation opportunities etc. they would like to access through the city's web pages.

All respondents were asked whether Tampere should concentrate on improving its traditional services, all-purpose one-stop shops, phone services or online services (E-government systems, e-services). Familiarity with eTampere programme was charted. Background variables included respondent's sex, postal code area, age group, basic education, employment status and household composition.

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