FSD1323 Welfare Survey 2000

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  • Social Insurance Institution of Finland
  • University of Turku. Department of Social Policy


employment, expenditure, health, income, poverty, social security, standard of living, unemployment, welfare

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The survey charted the spiritual, physical and material welfare of people living in Finland. Respondents were asked to state their occupational title, type of work and employer and status in the labour market during the past three years. People who were married or cohabiting were asked about their spouse's employment status. The unemployed or laid off respondents were asked about unemployment benefits and duration of unemployment or layoff. The unemployed answered to questions about experiences of unemployment, job seeking,, the suitability of different options (e.g. retraining and odd jobs) in their present situation and the importance of different things (e.g. fear of coping in the job and improvement of income level) in accepting a job.

Respondents evaluated their general health, for example, psychosomatic symptoms, loneliness and the existence of a confidential friend. They were asked whether they have access to different leisure time activities. Households' monthly net income and monthly expenses were charted. Respondents' satisfaction with their living standard and monthly spending money of their household and its sufficiency were probed. They also rated the difficulty/easiness of obtaining income and the level of income in the next five years. Respondents were also asked whether they feel they are living in poverty or are over-indebted.

Respondents were asked to evaluate the frequency of financial difficulties and use of strategies to solve them. They were presented with a set of attitudinal statements about social security and public services. Perceptions of the sufficiency of the level of income support and different social security benefits were charted. Respondents assessed the amount of money that one adult needs monthly and the reasonable amount of social security benefits their household would require.

Background variables included year of birth, gender, marital status, household composition, type of place of residence, highest level of education and political party preference.

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