FSD2227 Health Promotion Barometer 2006: Municipalities

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  • Finnish Centre for Health Promotion


health advice, health education, health policy, local government services, public health

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The survey focused on the health promotion strategies and activities of Finnish municipalities (local government). The health of children and young people, the public health programme Health 2015, and promotion of non-smoking were also covered. The respondents were directors of health services or chairpersons of municipal committees.

Several questions pertained to health promotion work and services, and whether something was going to change compared to the past year, and why. Views were probed on the probable development of health promotion over the next five years, and on the most important means of promoting health. Most important target groups for health promotion were charted, likewise the factors influencing the health promotion of children and young people. The respondents were asked about information disseminated by the Health 2015 programme, and what would be the best way to promote non-smoking.

Background variables included the respondent's job title or elective office, province of residence, and the number of inhabitants in the municipality/federation of municipalities.

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