FSD2441 Life Processes of Finnish Young Adults 2001

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  • Martikainen, Liisa (University of Jyväskylä. Faculty of Education)


alcohol use, antisocial behaviour, domestic violence, employment history, illegal drugs, job satisfaction, leisure time activities, life histories, partnerships (personal), satisfaction, smoking, social networks, values

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The survey focused on the life processes and life satisfaction of Finnish young adults. The respondents were persons who had participated in a life process study conducted by Maijaliisa Rauste-von Wright in 1984. The year 1984 study is not archived at the Finnish Social Science Data Archive.

The first theme pertained to life satisfaction. The respondents were asked whether they were satisfied with their life in general, their social relationships and their work. The reasons why they were satisfied or unsatisfied were charted. Some questions focused on what work or lack of it meant for the respondents, what leisure time activities they had and whether they thought they had enough leisure.

The next theme pertained to the respondents' values and what was important for them. The respondents were asked how important a number of things (for example, work, good social relationships, good health, acting for the human rights, possibility to have hobbies, money/property, religious beliefs) were for them. Future expectations were charted by asking how hopeful they felt their future looked, what were the possible threats or reasons for hopefulness, what were their goals for the future and why. Views were probed on what things they thought were important to the Finns in general.

Further questions covered social relationships and violence. The respondents were asked about their couple relationships, children and satisfaction in the current couple relationship. They were asked whether they had been subjected to mental or physical abuse or had been in a situation where such abuse had occurred and how they themselves had reacted. Opinions on whether violence was ever acceptable were charted.

Finally, the respondents' smoking habits, alcohol use and illegal drug use and reasons for the use were charted with several questions. The respondents were also asked whether they followed any particular life style, for instance, vegetarianism, boycotting international companies, sustainable development, religious belief etc.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, marital status, occupation, and job.

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