FSD2614 Computer Gaming in the Everyday Life of Women 2008

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  • Toivonen, Saara (University of Tampere. Department of Women's Studies)


digital games, everyday life, life styles, social interaction, women

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The survey focused on Finnish women's computer gaming habits, interpersonal interaction while gaming and other people's reactions to the gaming.

The survey charted where the respondents used a computer (at work, during leisure time or at educational institution), where they played computer games (video games / digital games), for how long per day, whether they were satisfied with the amount of time they spent on computer gaming, and whether they did other things while gaming or concentrated wholly on the game. Views were probed on whether their gaming prevented or helped them to do other things or vice versa.

Further questions investigated the location of the computer used, whether the respondents had to negotiate with others to use the computer, other people's reaction to their playing, whether they played alone or with others and how, and whether they discussed gaming with others. The role of computer games in the lives of their acquaintances was also surveyed. The respondents were asked how often a number of statements relating to reasons for gaming and the role of interpersonal interaction in gaming were true in their case.

Other topics included what kind of feelings (e.g. tension, relaxation, anxiety, feeling of success, envy) the gaming aroused in the respondents and what kind of feelings were most important for enjoying the game, whether time went quickly or slowly while gaming, and what were their bodily reactions while gaming.

Background variables included the respondent's year of birth, education, household composition, number of hours a week R spent on study to gain a qualification, number of hours per day spent on household work, number of leisure time hours per day during the week and on days off, and the year R played computer games for the first time.

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