FSD2940 Limited Liability Housing Companies Act's Functionality and Impact 2013: Estate Agents

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alternative dispute resolution, building maintenance, companies, conflict resolution, estate agents, home ownership, housing, maintenance, real property law

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The survey investigated how the new Limited Liability Housing Companies Act 2010 (Asunto-osakeyhtiölaki) functioned in Finland, what its impact had been and how it had been implemented. Separate surveys were conducted for shareholders of limited liability housing companies, members of governing boards, estate agents and property managers. This dataset contains the responses of estate agents.

The questions in the survey charted selling of property and property manager's certificate (isännöitsijäntodistus). The respondents were asked, for instance, whether receiving a property manager's certificate had become quicker or slower, whether the cost of the certificate had been increased, whether they had received a concise version of the property manager's certificate and a maintenance needs report when requested, whether they had received more information from property managers about housing companies and the properties after the 2010 Act, and whether the Act had affected property sale.

Background variables included the respondent's education and work experience in the field, as well as location or size of the municipality in which the estate agency operated.

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