FSD3222 Young People in the Limelight: Creative Writing Workshop 2015

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  • Puska, Maija (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)
  • Pienimäki, Mari (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)
  • Kotilainen, Sirkku (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)


artistic activities, creative writing, media literacy, participation, social participation, youth

Sisällön kuvaus

The data consist of two field journals by researchers and 12 interviews with participants of a creative writing workshop in August-December 2015. Twelve unemployed young men and seven unemployed young women participated in the workshop with three female instructors. The researchers interviewed the participants and the instructors. The data was collected as part of the research project "Young People in the Limelight" funded by the Kone foundation.

The researchers observed the participants during the workshop. The interviews discussed the participants' views on themselves as writers, what they thought of the exercises in the workshop and what they had learned. In addition, they were asked which media equipment they commonly used and whether they publish their own work or participate in discussions on the Internet.

The interviews with the instructors used a different interview frame, and they were asked to assess the participants' writing and progress during the workshop. They also discussed the significance of multiliteracy and different types of media equipment.

Background information included interviewee's age, occupation and gender. The dataset is only available in Finnish. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML index at FSD.

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