FSD3322 Patients' Experiences of Using eHealth Services 2017

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  • Kujala, Sari (Aalto University. Department of Computer Science)


digitization, health advice, health services, online services

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The study charted Finnish diabetes, heart and cancer patients' experiences of using eHealth services in 2017. Main themes included usefulness of the online services as well as frequency and purpose of use. Each group of patients was provided with a unique questionnaire, although most questions were repeated in all questionnaires. Responses to the common questions were combined in the data, and group-specific questions were marked with letters. The data were collected as part of the Competent workforce for the future (COPE) project funded by Academy of Finland. The purpose of the research was to establish how citizens and health care professionals can be supported in using eHealth services.

First, the respondents were asked to assess the usefulness of different eHealth services such as Omakanta.fi (personal health records and prescriptions), digital private health care services and public eHealth services. Usefulness of different online services that provide health-related information, such as Duodecim Käypähoito.fi (Current Care Guidelines, clinical practice guidelines) and Terveyskirjasto.fi (information on health, medication and care guidelines), was also examined. The respondents were asked about their purposes for using eHealth services, for example, assessment of treatment need, contacting health care professionals, and connecting with peers for support. Questions on the support and guidance provided by the public sector in the use of eHealth services were also presented.

Finally, the respondents were asked multiple open-ended questions that related to their positive and negative experiences of using eHealth services as well as the kinds of digital health services they would want to use in the future.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, and municipality of residence (classified), as well as whether they or their child had diabetes (diabetes patients only) or other information on their health (heart and cancer patients).

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