FSD3407 100 Minutes of Art 2019: Communities

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  • Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE)


arts, cinema, cultural activities, culture, dance, health promotion, museums, music, photography, reading (activity), theatre, visual arts

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The data in this dataset were collected as part of the 100 Minutes of Art campaign. The aim of the campaign was to increase the meaning and importance of art and culture in people's lives and in social and health services communities. Participation in the campaign was possible for both individuals and communities. Art and culture and the activities related to them were defined by the participants. This dataset consists of responses to two forms that were completed by participating communities before and after participating in the campaign. The campaign was funded and conducted by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE).

Approximately 70 participating communities completed the first form before participating in the campaign and consented to the archiving of their responses. The contact persons for the communities discussed the role of art and culture in their organisation at the starting point of the campaign as well as their expectations for the campaign. Additionally, 12 participating communities completed the second form after participating in the campaign and consented to the archiving of their responses. In the responses to the second form, the contact persons discussed whether art and culture had become a part of the everyday life of the community, whether their expectations regarding the campaign had realised, and what kinds of effects the campaign had had in their organisation. Additionally, the contact persons described how their organisation intended to continue including art and culture in their activities.

Background information included the date when the form was completed, the municipality where the community was located, and a brief description of the activities and tasks of the community. The data were organised into an easy to use HTML version at FSD.

This dataset can be connected to the two other datasets collected as part of the 100 Minutes of Art campaign: FSD3406 100 Minutes of Art 2019: Individuals and FSD3410 100 Minutes of Art 2019: Entries in the Taidepassi Participation Diary.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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