FSD2941 Diaconia Barometer 2013

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  • Diakonian tutkimuksen seura
  • Church Council. Diakonia ja yhteiskuntatyö
  • Diakoniatyöntekijöiden Liitto


church, church administration, employment, job satisfaction, occupational life, religious institutions, religious personnel, well-being (health), working conditions, workplace bullying

Sisällön kuvaus

Diaconia Barometers chart the diaconal workers' views and experiences of their work. The survey examined the areas and emphases of diaconal work, diaconal cooperation, job satisfaction and and workload, and experiences of bullying at the workplace.

The respondents were asked the extent to which various areas of diaconia were part of the work in their parish (e.g. preventive social work, health promotion), to what extent they had diaconal cooperation with various actors and institutions, who was responsible for deciding the content/tasks in their work, whether their job had a clear job description, whether they had an annual discussion about their job description with their supervisor, and how many qualified applicants there usually were for open diaconal positions of the parish.

Experiences of bullying in the workplace were surveyed by asking whether bullying by colleagues, supervisors or customers occurred at the workplace and whether anyone had experienced violence or threat of violence at the workplace in the previous 12 months. Job satisfaction was charted with a number of statements. Workload was futher examined by asking how much different things increased the respondents' workload and how much various means of coping had helped them with the workload.

Background variables included the respondent's diocese, year of birth, gender, education, number of work years in diaconal work, number of inhabitants in the municipality, number of members in the parish, and whether the respondent worked in a supervisory position.

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